An opportunity for a solo exhibition at The Museum of Cannock Chase has led to this series of watercolour paintings. They are inspired by the Heathlands of Hednesford Hills and the ancient forests of Brocton Coppice. Two very contrasting landscapes with two different stories to tell.

Hednesford Hills paintings captures for me the sweeping landscape, which I found energising and invigorating. It conveys a sense of joyousness, that I felt during the time I spent sketching and painting in the wide expanse of this open and dynamic landscape. There is vigorous movement in the grasses and heather that grow in sweeps, with their seed heads bursting and silver tufts blowing in the blustery wind.The rhythm of the windcarries across the openness of this landscape and invites the viewer to be swept along.

Brocton Coppice is a complete contrast. The ancient trees that stand here are hundreds of years old, gnarled and encrusted, with years of wisdom stored within. They are magnificent and mystical and have inspired me to paint then in all their individual beauty and personalities. This series of trees is very close to my heart and I will continue to paint them over the changing seasons.

The forest bed collection of watercolours evokes the sense of a protective interior; the woods as a dim, cool, humid interior. It is an enclosed and separate space; a sanctuary to sit in and explore the detail, linger over the scents and textures underfoot.